In addition to hosting Events as the Soular Scout, Nancy Norkiewicz teaches a variety of classes at local facilities. (See About Us).  She also provides in-home Personal Training Services, in the mind/body, physical fitness/wellness and sports training arenas to assist individuals looking to improve the quality of their lives or performance through enhanced movement, breathwork and mindfulness. She frequently presents Master Classes for schools, corporations, studios, health clubs, etc. (See the list below for a number of her most popular classes). If interested in her services please contact Nancy about pricing and availability at:            

Nancy Norkiewicz

(708) 403 – 2759 

Master Classes

1.    Qi Gong for Every BODY

2.    Glow Chi (Tai Chi with glow bracelets)

3.    Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation

4.    Glow-Ga (Yoga with glow bracelets) 

5.    Pool Party and Games

6.    Hawaiian Pool Party

7.    Aupaya Meets Asana

8.    Wall Flowers - Yoga at the Wall

9.    Foam Roller Fitness (I have 20 new rollers and small massage balls if need be)

10.   Hip Hop and Happy Dance Party

11.   Free Spirit Mind Body Fusion

12.   Yin Yoga

13.   Rock and Roll Yoga Flow

14.   Drumming (I have 20 pairs of Drum Sticks)

15.   Yoga Step

16.   Yoga Health for Enhanced Hand/Wrist/Shoulder Integrity

17.   Foot Fitness Foundation from the Ground Up 

18.   Stop and Go (Vinyasa meets Balance) Yoga

19.   4th Of July Freedom Celebration (or any Holiday) Yoga/Aqua/Dance Aerobics/etc.

20.   Any Seasonal Celebration (Summer/Winter Solstice or Spring/Autumn Equinox) Yoga/Tai Chi/etc. including Outdoor Mind/Body Practices

21.   Top Ten Core Exercises

22.   Liquid Chi

23.   Slow Burn Yoga

24.   Double (Partner) Yoga

25.   Double (Partner) Step or Line Step

26.   Yoga Kriya for Disease Resistance

27.   Meditation Methods Made Easy

28.   Anahata Yoga – A Celebration of the Heart

29.   Gravity Yoga

30.   Yoga For Athletes

31.   The Science of Stretching - Safe Techniques for Every BODY

32.   The Mind/Body Trifecta – a Fusion of Yoga/Tai Chi/Pilates

33.   Sun Salutations Extravaganza

34.   Sun – Moon- Earth Salutations

35.   The Ways of the Luminous Warrior Yoga

36.   Goat Yoga Field Trip

          If you need a Specialty Class for ANY                     reason/event I can make one up😊

“If you just set people in motion they'll heal themselves.”

Gabrielle Roth